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Need a specialist to take care of your home or company’s lawn? Looking for someone who knows how to trim hedges? Turn to us and you will be delighted with your choice! AAA Lawn Service is a local company specializing in lawn care for residential and commercial clients in Ozark, AL and the Dale County area. We are able to take on any type of yard maintenance work and we aim to deliver impressive results every time.

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Lawn ServiceAAA Lawn Service offers:

Lawn care services
– Lawn, yard, and garden maintenance
– Hedge trimming, lawn mowing, and grass cutting

– Sidewalks, driveways, and curved edging
– Lawn irrigation and fertilizing
– Removing Weeds and blowing out excess leaves and debris

Why you need lawn services

The benefits of keeping your building’s front or rear yard areas well-trimmed and maintained are numerous. You will have a nice green area for family gatherings and your kids’ outdoor play. When professionally done, it is eye-pleasing for both the owner and passers-by alike, it gives your premises curb appeal, and increases the property’s value. A good design and upkeep contribute to the way your clients and business partners perceive your corporate image. At the same time, a flourishing garden requires a lot of effort and spare time. If you have a busy schedule, you cannot handle your big yard on your own, and you notice your neighbor’s grass is greener than yours, then it is high time to call an expert to your rescue.

How we can help

It’s simple – we will do it all, so you don’t have to! We do the cleaning, fertilizing, mowing, shrubbery trimming, bush shaping, weeding, edging, and more. Our crew of well-prepared and qualified workers use modern equipment for mowing jobs and utilizes eco-friendly products for the garden and plants maintenance. As for the hedge trimming and edging, we can implement your ideas and come up with an interesting design.

We work from sun up till sundown and on emergency requests. We offer discounts for seniors and veterans and our prices are “All About Affordable”. Want to book us for a one-time or regularly scheduled job in Ozark, AL? Call us today!

AAA Lawn Service

Ozark, AL 36360

(334) 432-2338

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Client Testimonials

by Romaine A. Jaco on AAA Lawn Service
I Recommend

I will recommend you to anyone in need of a lawn care contractor. You were doing your job with the speed of light and with the precision of a royal gardener. I'm not even exaggerating - that was the best service I've seen done for my lawn. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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  • Yard & Garden Maintenance
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  • Sidewalks, Driveways & Curved Edging
  • Grass Cutting & Weeding
  • Lawn Mowing & Irrigation
  • Excess Debris Blow Out
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